Create Campaigns

Create Campaigns

Now it’s even easier to create campaigns for multiple ad networks.

  • Choose which Platform the campaign will show up on
  • Set CPCs, budgets and Devices
  • Set up tracking parameters for all your campaigns
  • Duplicate campaigns for multiple ad networks with variations.

API Integration with:


Bulk Campaign And Content Creator

Creates ads variants using different titles and images.

  • Set up advanced tracking parameters for each ad.
  • Creates 5X5 of ad variations.
  • Push ad creatives to multiple campaigns at once
  • Push directly to Outbrain, Taboola, and MGID
  • Re-use ads between campaigns

Automate Bidding, Pausing, and Budget Adjustments

Automatically disable, enable, and change your Campaign CPC bid or budget at specific times so you don’t waste time manually changing them. No more late nights!

  • Has a Inbuilt Tracking Tool Which helps in Real time tracking
  • Make schedule changes and have them go into effect instantly
  • See real-time changes in your CPC

Reporting and Editing

Manage all your ads across Outbrain, Taboola And MGID!

  • Filter, search, and customize reporting data
  • Pause or disable multiple underperforming ads with Just a Click
  • Make edits and changes to campaigns directly from your reports
  • Export reporting data into spreadsheets for in-depth analysis

Automate Optimization

Use the key metrics that matter to your business to optimize campaigns automatically using custom rules across networks, accounts & campaigns.

  • Adjust campaign bids
  • Turn off campaigns
  • Pause ads
  • Block publishers, widgets and sections
  • Adjust publisher & Section bids
CSV Export

CSV Export

  • Universal CSV file format for all your data
  • Campaign & ad performance data
  • Creative groups including titles, images and URLs